Tuesday, March 11, 2008

domino effect

Getting ready for work today...
I pull the only shirt left in my closet appropriate for work--solid and dark-colored--and it needs to be ironed, stupid ruffle-collared shirt! My hair has decided to stage a revolt against the normal standards of decent hair behavior and has erupted into an explosion that can only be tamed by one thing--the straightening iron. Finally, dressed and hair coup averted, I head downstairs to grab my purse and head out the door and...my keys are not in my purse! Extra 10 minutes to search the house and find them on the desk. As I head out to my car which is parked under a tree--not its usual spot--a low branch catches my hair and entangles itself in my ponytail and threatens to hold me hostage. I successfully free myself and decide to make a quick stop at Einsteins for a power bagel and an iced tea...should be fast because of the time of day...oh no....empty order station...an internal argument ensues, "Leave, you have no time to wait...no, I hear him right around the corner, he'll be right back....but you're already running late....wait, wait...yes here he is!" Food and drink in hand, I start my trip to work and realize I have 15 minutes to get there. It's still possible if I drive just 10 mph over the speed limit...man, there's a lot of traffic today...some nascar tactics may be necessary, but I'm pretty good at that...oh no!!!!!!!!! Police car with lights flashing..maybe it's not for me..damn, it is! Thirty seconds from my exit for work! My first Texas speeding ticket..my first ticket in 16 years. Bummer. But I still made it to work on time with not a minute to spare. :)

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in silence said...

Wow, sounds familiar! Except the whole, first-ticket-in-16-years thing... :)