Sunday, January 13, 2008

is weird....I'm sitting here at work thinking how strange it is what I do. I stare into a little box at people moving their fingers and making all these funny facial expressions and it all gets processed through the language center of my brain and actually makes sense. And then a tiny video camera above me captures me moving my fingers and making funny facial expressions...all hopefully with a pleasant attitude...such a thing to be getting paid to do. And I ask myself, "How did I get here?" When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to be was a musician...started making up my own little songs on the piano when I was 3 years old and grew up singing in church since I was 5 and knew that's what I would do with my life--sing. But I took a turn in my 19th year and was suddenly on a different path to a world where music didn't exist....where singing a song was nothing but lips moving. Watch a concert on TV sometime and turn off the's hilarious to watch people make music with no sound. Now life's journey has me living in a town literally filled to bursting with music and I have to think there's a purpose in that....never dreamed I'd ever live in Texas...I HAD to have all four seasons...but it feels like home....weird.

Monday, January 7, 2008

How am I supposed to pay attention at work when all I can think about is that I'M GOING TO EUROPE!! I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve....a bride on her wedding day....a hormonal woman in an ice cream shop.....I find myself smiling for no other reason than the fact that I'M GOING TO EUROPE! I might just have to make a habit out of this. I'm flying to Amsterdam Feb 2 and will be there till Feb 12 staying with my dear friend Jason and his lovely bride. There will definitely be a train ticket to Paris with my name on it...maybe Germany too...we'll see. Next post will be a picture of me, like the millions before me, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. A little cliche', but I gotta do it!